Caitlin (tyne_serapis) wrote in authors_abound,


Too many stories in my head, but not enough members of this community. How saddening.


I thought I'd complain about the many stories floating around in my brain. I love them all, and they all hold a special something that I love, but I simply can't write some of them. Autonomous Skies, for example, had a boring story and equally boring characters. My webcomic, the Lapse, had absolutely no purpose or plot to speak of. A Tainted Heart, one of the first novels I tries to write, had too many characters and also had no plot. Unlikely, the sequel to Autonomous Skies, is mostly on hold because of Forever, my newest novel. I still love Unlikely, because it has a fun story and entertaining characters. Forever has a cool plot. I wish I could open a tap in my brain and let it spew onto my paper. It would make life much easier, and get the stories out. What a nice thing that would be. :D
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